Kazakhstan Tour

Kazakhstan tours take you from modern metropolitan centers to the wide open steppe, from the cities of today to the heritage of centuries
Kazakhstan Tour

The best Kazakhstan tours take you from modern metropolitan centers to the wide open steppe, from the cities of today to the heritage of centuries. Cities like Almaty and Astana are unequaled in Central Asia, or anywhere else, while the many national parks hold treasures like rugged mountains and pristine lakes.

Start your tour of Kazakhstan in Almaty, the southern capital and bustling city full of cute cafes and museums. In the mountains above Almaty is Medeu, a famous skating rink open to professionals and beginners alike (or head deeper into the mountains for a vacation away from civilization). Not far away is Turkestan, a famous Sufi religious center and home to some of the most monumental ancient buildings in Kazakhstan. For those that love cities, Astana is perfect: stunning architecture, broad boulevards, and no shortage of events and exhibitions.

Make your best Kazakhstan tour even more unforgettable with excursions to unusual places. Baikonur makes for a great vacation for space lovers, since this launch facility is used for launching spaceships and satellites from all around the world. Or spend a night in a yurt, a traditional Kazakh home that has served nomads for centuries as they moved from pasture to pasture with their herds. For a true taste of nomadic culture, make sure to try some fresh kumis (made from fermented mare’s milk) or beshbarmak (ground meat boiled with noodles).

With years of experience and contacts throughout the region, Silk-way.uz has worked hard to put together the best Kazakhstan tours. Small group tours through Kazakhstan are perfect for those who want to experience the most popular spots with like-minded travelers from around the world, while letting us handle the organization. Private tours are ideal for creating your own itinerary and schedule, to make the best Kazakhstan tour possible.

  • Arrive in Almaty. You will be met by driver and transferred to the hotel. Check in to the hotel. Meet your guide at hotel lobby to start sightseeing in Almaty, the Southern capital of Kazakhstan. Visit Panfilov Park – named after the 28 heroes, who died for freedom and independence of the country. Zenkov Cathedral- the oldest building of the city, that is entirely wooden, built without any metal nails and a Memorial complex devoted to the World War Two and with eternal flame. Continue sightseeing at Green bazaar – a place where you can buy souvenirs, central Moslem mosque, Independence square with three main symbols of Kazakhstan and Obelisk devoted to the independence.

    After the city tour, drive to Medeo Gorge. Stop at the huge Medeo dam, that protects the city from destructive mudflows formed on the tops of the western Tian Shan mountains. From the top of the dam, at the altitude of 1733 meters above the sea level, enjoy view of the largest high mountain skating rink in the world – Medeo, surrounded by marvelous mountains of Trans-Ili Alatau. After that visit the top of Kok-Tube hill, where you can enjoy unforgettable panorama of Almaty from the observation desk. At the foot of the tallest TV tower in Kazakhstan you can take a walk along the winding paths of the Kok-Tube park, where you will come across "The Beatles" monument devoted to the popular Liverpool band. At the end of the tour take a short ride from the hill to the city center by the cable car. Transfer to the hotel. Overnight at the hotel.


  • Your guide and driver will meet you at hotel lobby. Depart Almaty and drive to Charyn canyon (220km, 3-4h). Charyn Canyon located to the east of Kazakhstan, with an unforgettable view of a huge gorge with cliffs and of various colours and shades. The canyon is a part of the Charyn National Park territory has an opportunity to see the old ash-tree grove, the Castle Valley, one part of 154-meter canyon with cliffs resembling towers.

    Despite a long way to go, the beauty of the Canyon makes you forget long hours of drive and this sight of nature in Kazakhstan will stay long in your memories. Arrive in Canyon. Have some time for picnic and rest. After that walk along canyon and enjoy its beautiful view. In the afternoon return to Almaty. Transfer to the hotel. Overnight at the hotel.


  • Your guide and driver will meet you at hotel lobby. Depart Almaty and drive to Issyk lake (64km, 1h). En route visit the main symbol of Kazakhstan the Tomb of the Golden Man. Continue drive to the lake. The road will go up to 1756m above sea level. Enjoy the view of the Natural Park and the Tian Shan mountains. Arrive at Issyk lake. Free time. In the afternoon return to Almaty. Transfer to railway station. Take the night train departing to Astana at 19:00. Arrival on the next day at 07:35. Overnight in the train.

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  • Arrive in Astana at 07:35. Pick up and transfer to the hotel for breakfast. Meet your guide at hotel lobby to start sightseeing in the capital of Kazakhstan. Visit “Old center” – Akmolinsk town of merchants. In the afternoon visit Millennium Axis line named by Kisho Kurokawa, chief architect and creator of Astana general layout. Visit Astana Opera building, numerous fountains on the Round Square.

    Continue to Nurzhol and Green Water boulevards with skyscrapers of exceptional architectural forms. At the top of Astana - Bayterek monument, enjoy breath-taking panoramic view on the city. At the end of the tour, visit shopping and entertainment center Khan-Shatyr. Transfer to the hotel. Overnight at the hotel.


  • Start the second day with a visit a walk at Akbulak district. Visit to museum. Check out from the hotel before noon. In the afternoon visit Palace of Peace and Reconciliation, the Aquarium of the Entertainment Centre "Duman" - the first and the only in the CIS and Ethno-memorial complex "Atameken". Free time. Transfer to railway station. Take the night train departing to Almaty at 19:30.


Information about Visa in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan Visa

  • Kazakhstan Visa and Support

    Foreigners need visa to enter Kazakhstan, unless their country is in the visa-free list. In general, you might have one of the following three:

    - Visa-free entry;
    - Visa upon arrival;
    - Visa at the Embassy.

    Another important issue is registration at the immigration police upon arrival in Kazakhstan. Depending on your citizenship one of the following three rules are applicable: 
    - Registration should be obtained within 5 days of arrival;
    - After 30 days of stay;
    - Registration is not required, two stamps are put upon arrival.

    The following paragraphs provide detailed insight into Kazakhstan visa and registration issues.

    Visa-free entry

    Citizens of the following countries, who are eligible visa free entry to Kazakhstan, are divided into two: those who do not need registration of stay upon arrival and those who should hurry up to get it resolved within 5 days of entering the country.

    Visa-free and no registration (please make sure, you have received two stamps on the immigration card upon arrival):

    1. Australia: up to 30 days
    2. Austria: up to 30 days
    3. Belarus: up to 90 days **
    4. Belgium: up to 30 days
    5. Brazil: up to 30 days *
    6. Bulgaria: up to 30 days
    7. Canada: up to 30 days
    8. Chile: up to 30 days
    9. Croatia: up to 30 days
    10. Cyprus: up to 30 days
    11. Czech Republic: up to 30 days
    12. Denmark: up to 30 days
    13. Estonia: up to 30 days
    14. Finland: up to 30 days
    15. France: up to 30 days
    16. Germany: up to 30 days
    17. Great Britain: up to 30 days
    18. Greece: up to 30 days
    19. Hungary: up to 30 days
    20. Iceland: up to 30 days
    21. Ireland: up to 30 days
    22. Israel: up to 30 days
    23. Italy: up to 30 days
    24. Japan: 30 days
    25. Latvia: up to 30 days
    26. Lithuania: up to 30 days
    27. Luxembourg: up to 30 days
    28. Malaysia: up to 30 days
    29. Malta: up to 30 days
    30. Mexico: up to 30 days
    31. Monaco: up to 30 days
    32. Netherlands: up to 30 days
    33. New Zealand: up to 30 days
    34. Norway: up to 30 days
    35. Poland: up to 30 days
    36. Portugal: up to 30 days
    37. Romania: up to 30 days
    38. Russia: up to 90 days **
    39. Singapore: up to 30 days
    40. Slovakia: up to 30 days
    41. Slovenia: up to 30 days
    42. South Korea: up to 30 days
    43. Spain: up to 30 days
    44. Sweden: up to 30 days
    45. Switzerland: up to 30 days
    46. Turkey: up to 30 days
    47. UAE: up to 30 days
    48. Ukraine: up to 90 days
    49. USA: up to 30 days

    Visa-free and registration within 5 days upon arrival:

    1. Azerbaijan: up to 30 days
    2. Argentina: up to 30 days *
    3. Armenia: up to 90 days
    4. Hong Kong (PRC): up to 14 days
    5. Georgia: up to 90 days
    6. Kyrgyzstan: up to 90 days
    7. Moldova: up to 90 days
    8. Mongolia: up to 90 days
    9. Serbia: up to 30 days
    10. Tajikistan: up to 30 days
    11. Uzbekistan: up to 30 days

    * Visa-free entry is allowed once in a year.
    ** Registration of stay at the immigration police is required after 30 days of arrival.

    Visa and Visa Support

    If your country is not in the visa free list, you need to apply for it at the Embassies and Consulates of Kazakhstan. In order to apply for visa, firstly, you need to obtain LOI (Letter of Invitation a.k.a Visa support) from a travel agency. Visa support procedure takes two weeks. After, you will apply for visa at the nearest Kazakh embassy.

    Documents required for the Kazakhstan visa:

    1. Copy of the first two pages of their passport a valid passport (or international travel document)
    2. A copy of their Kazakhstan visa support (invitation letter) with a notification of their visa support number by the DCS of the MFA (or the original individual invitation issued by the Police)
    3. the completed visa application form (pdf) and
    4. 1 passport-size photo;
    5. Fee, payable on collection of visa
    6. For 5 days transit visas, the visa of the destination country and onward ticket (or a reservation) are required.
    7. Hotel booking confirmation
    8. International flight booking confirmation.

    The passport should not expire earlier than six months after the validity term of the requested visa. Other necessary documents will be determined by the consul at the time of application.

    Visas are issued within 7 calendar days from the day of presenting all documents. Documents are accepted with a visa support letter from the Diplomatic-consular service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

    Citizens of the following countries are eligible to obtain visa without a Letter of Invitation (LOI, a.k.a Visa Support) if they are applying for single-entry visas of categories A1, A2, B1, B2, D1 and G1, as well as single and double entry visa of category F1.

    1. The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
    2. The State of Qatar
    3. Principality of Liechtenstein
    4. The Sultanate of Oman
    5. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    Where to apply for Kazakhstan Visa?

    1. You can apply for the Kazakhstan visa outside of Kazakhstan where Kazakhstan Embassy or Consulate exist
    2. The citizens of the foreign countries that do not need the letter of invitation can also obtain a tourist visa on arrival at consular posts of the MFA at Astana, Almaty, Atyrau, Uralsk and Ust-Kamenogorsk airports with special applications of travel agencies to the DCS of the MFA.

     Types of Kazakhstan Visa:

    1. Diplomatic Kazakhstan visa - А1, А2, А3: issued to holders of diplomatic passports and in some instances, when the issue of a diplomatic visa has been recognized expedient. Diplomatic visas are registered without levy of consular fees.

    2. Official Kazakhstan visa - B1, B2, B3: issued to personnel of foreign diplomatic and other representations and international organizations, who are not considered diplomatic personnel, and also to foreign citizens and persons without citizenship traveling on business, invited by government bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

    3. Investor Kazakhstan visa - С1, С2: issued to genuine investors - managers and representatives of managerial staff of major foreign companies, operating on the Kazakhstani market or who have genuine plans to develop business projects.

    4. Work visas - M1, M2, M3, M4, M5: issued upon provision of a permission for foreign labor recruitment and other documents, unless stated otherwise by an international treaty or agreement of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

    5. Business Kazakhstan visa - D1, D2, D3, D4, D5, D6, D7, D8: issued to foreign citizens and persons without citizenship traveling to Kazakhstan for business (to attend business negotiations, forums, market research, etc.) upon application of non-governmental legal entities, registered on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

    6. Tourist Kazakhstan visa - F1: issued upon approval of a local travel agency's application, licenses to operate as such.

    7. Study visa - L1, L2: issued with permission of the immigration police upon application of educational institutions.

    8. Visas for medical treatment - G1, G2, G3, G4: issued to foreigners and persons without citizenship traveling to Kazakhstan for treatment, medical checks, consultations and similar reasons upon application of the relevant institutions and organizations confirming the character of the invitation.

    9. Visas for permanent residence - J1, J2, J3: issued upon provision of documents stipulated by the legislation.

    10. Transit Kazakhstan visa - H1: issued upon provision of a visa valid to enter the country of destination and relevant tickets with confirmation of departure date from the transfer point on the territory of Kazakhstan, no later than 5 days from the moment of arrival to the port or station in Kazakhstan.

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