Atlas Hotel ***

Not far from the Mirabad market in Tashkent, Tashkent Atlas Hotel is located. Visitors can enjoy comfortable rooms, different tasteful design and processing Hotel in Tashkent is famous among gourmets. A local restaurant to the table serves delicious national and European dishes prepared by experienced craftsmen. You can also prepare a barbecue - it has the necessary tools. Gathering at the barbecue, you can enjoy a drink, or extra dishes that adorn held together time. Also interesting, you can spend the time to get outside of the hotel in Uzbekistan. Not far from Tashkent Atlas is an amusement park "Babur", which will be interesting both for children and for people older. Another distinctive convenience - it's near the station location, the airport, as well as the adjusted transfers between them. The hotel's trained staff, a daily thorough cleaning of the apartment, as well as provide other necessary services.

Our address:
Tashkent - C4, 23 flat